Friday, December 23, 2011

Deklien: BSCL joins the Clusterfuck

After a week of downtime in our staging/evac system BSCL joined the Tactical Narcotics Team Alliance. TNT is based in Deklien, Goon Country. So we made the journey across the map in caps and sub-caps to our new staging system to move into our new home in CU9-T0.

Once situated we began to work our way through the arduous task of registering for various services.
All CFC voice comms are API verified as are access to forums, Jabber servers and the TNT and Goon wikis. This took about 3 days for most of our corp mates to iron out.

Once this was out of the way it was time to join all those intel channels the coalition has. There were at least 5 I remember joining (I'm sure there were more.) It seems a little much, but when you have that much territory it's kind of essential.

BSCL was certainly not anything special in TNT, they were just another schmuck corp and we were in constant competition with other corps as well as goons for resources, and trying to get anything at a decent price was impossible thanks to our neighbors buying out our station orders and resisting them at higher prices.

It was in light of these problems, with the recent departure of Asander that I decided my time in nullsec at the behest of a corporation was over. If I came back it would be my way on my terms.

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