Sunday, January 1, 2012

Uziel99: Noir Academy

Due to prior indirect involvement with and listening to the podcast presented by Noir. Mercenary Group I decided to have my combat pilot, Uziel99 sign up for the tenth class of Noir. Academy. I honestly didn't expect to get in given the character doesn't have a great deal of Tech II ships to fly or access to most Tech II weapons.

Against all odds, or laws of sanity I was approved for the class. It has been a blast, even for a low SP pilot. Alekseyev Karrde and Nidia Masters have been working with the academy as instructors for the initial week causing a little havoc in Vale of the Silent. We have since moved on to a different region and are working with Noir. itself and getting tons of first hand experience and advice.

I'll put out more updates as time goes on. I wouldn't want to show our hand. I'm sure our targets know who they are by now.

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