Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mittani vs Daruis III: An excercise in Dichotomy and Hypocrisy

While the controversy surrounding the leader of Goonswarm Federation is nothing new, (indeed it has been yammered about incessantly over the last week) I feel it appropriate to bring up certain points which are being glossed over, perhaps intentionally by his detractors.

One of the loudest voices that has been hammering the Mittani is Darius III of the CSM. It's no secret that Darius and Mittens haven't exactly gotten along for quite some time. With both in-game (the conquest of Delve) and metagame (the NDA breach accusation) assaults appearing in recent history.

When Mittens announced his intent to resign the chair of CSM 7, In which he addresses the dichotomy of being the leader of a ruthlessly amoral organization juxtaposed by his place on the CSM as a player advocate, Darius posted a nice long excoriating piece, not even 4 minutes after Mittani's post.  As anyone who has ever read Mittani's posts can attest, he's not exactly a fast read. It's eloquent and well-written but it's not something you can read though and write a long winded counter to in 4 minutes.

Consider also that Darius mentioned the words disgrace when in fact this individual used unsavory means to gain votes by luring people with PLEX that he never intended to give. So, he speaks in a tone of condescension to a man who has openly admitted his screw ups, apologized to the victim and the community and then resigned the Chairmanship. Meanwhile he, also a member of the CSM, openly brags about scamming people to get their votes.

Convenient. Apparently Darius is not so keen on living up to the same morals he so eagerly wishes to weigh others against. Congratulations Daruis III you are now the Newt Gingrich of Internet Spaceship Politics.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Videos for the newbies.

As I mentioned in response to Blog Banter 33 I have begun making basic tutorial videos for the new players we have milling about aimlessly.

I've created videos for the Captain's Quarters, Station Hangar and one designed to help spot scams in the contracts system.

Feel free to like/comment on these videos or post requests for topics you'd like covered.

Upcoming topics:

Navigating in space.
The Overview
The care and feeding of Clones. (Medical Bay 101)
Ship fitting (Race Specific)
Tanking and You