Friday, December 23, 2011

Deklien: BSCL joins the Clusterfuck

After a week of downtime in our staging/evac system BSCL joined the Tactical Narcotics Team Alliance. TNT is based in Deklien, Goon Country. So we made the journey across the map in caps and sub-caps to our new staging system to move into our new home in CU9-T0.

Once situated we began to work our way through the arduous task of registering for various services.
All CFC voice comms are API verified as are access to forums, Jabber servers and the TNT and Goon wikis. This took about 3 days for most of our corp mates to iron out.

Once this was out of the way it was time to join all those intel channels the coalition has. There were at least 5 I remember joining (I'm sure there were more.) It seems a little much, but when you have that much territory it's kind of essential.

BSCL was certainly not anything special in TNT, they were just another schmuck corp and we were in constant competition with other corps as well as goons for resources, and trying to get anything at a decent price was impossible thanks to our neighbors buying out our station orders and resisting them at higher prices.

It was in light of these problems, with the recent departure of Asander that I decided my time in nullsec at the behest of a corporation was over. If I came back it would be my way on my terms.

Teneriffis: Split Infinity unravels

After the DRF retook their sovereignty in Detorid they began a campaign in the south assaulting Against ALL Authorities and their neighboring alliances. In addition, our alliance lead Quivering Palm lost his job. He lives in Greece. (eek) This, in addition to mounting pressure put him out of action for a time and Hallan Turrek was put in charge in his absence.

Unfortunately some key issues were not taken care of prior to QP's departure, namely roles in the holding corp. Noir. came down to assist the alliance in the end, but by that point S1. was a demoralized shadow of it's former self. I was able to assist on one op with them before I ended up in the hospital for two and a half days with a severe case of dehydration. I came back to find the orders given to pull out. Many members were getting the summer doldrums, some were apathetic due to the events of the Summer of Rage. Others were in a holding pattern until QP returned (by this time he was a week overdue).

BSCL led the charge and focused on getting player and alliance assets out of 0.0 as quickly as possible. For this they were rewarded with several new members from the smaller corporations of the alliance. I returned to KW-OAM for the last time to extract the BSCL Orca from it's hangar in the station and using wormholes scouted by Andish Libby, then CEO of GLA Armaments, convoyed with 2 other Orcas, ending up in a lowsec system in Placid.

Once everything was extracted there was some debate about the fate of the Alliance. BSCL decided it was time to move on and began putting out feelers. We had gained strength and purpose as a part of S1, but with no clear leadership and an alliance lead who needed to sort things in the real world, we felt it best to leave. Little did I know just where we'd end up.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog Banter 31: Reviewing Eve Online

The game of Eve is small in the eyes of most MMO players. Most people see this as a detriment, however it is in reality one of it's greatest strengths. The community is on one shard and the actions of one group can affect all other groups. Getting started can be a bit harrowing but the rewards are worth the risk.

Starting out

The game itself can be very unforgiving to those who don't know what they are doing. (Do the bloody tutorials ya noob!) Unlike getting killed in World of Warcraft where the penalty is some repair costs getting a ship blown up will cost you that ship and anything in it. If you get destroyed in your capsule (pod-killed) any implants you have will also be lost. Failure has real consequences, so caution and paranoia are handy skills to have. Eventually you will want to join a player corporation. Never, EVER pay anyone money to join a corporation, no matter who they are or what they say. They are scamming you.

Scamming and other forms of inanity

Eve is very much hands-off when it comes to scamming, ganking and other forms of asshattery that are used against a new, inexperienced player. Many scams and cons exist and unlike World of Warcraft, CCP Games doesn't police this at all. A player in WoW who rips off a guild bank will have the items taken from them and risks a ban. Eve has no such system. Only one rule works in Eve: Trust No One.


For having a very dark and completely ruthless backdrop the Eve community is easily one of the strongest of any MMO past or present. The metagame within Eve is the stuff of legend, cataloging the exploits of various luminary people and organizations in their rise to power. Blogs and podcasts cover the news and happenings of various players from all over New Eden.

Depth of substance

One of the greatest and most attractive features in Eve is it's non-linear game play. Want to mine asteroids and make the ships, weapons, and modules to drive the economy? Train to fly a Hulk and invest in industry skills. Want to blow up computer controlled ships? Missions are a great start eventually leading up to participating in Incursion fleets. Want to prey upon other hapless players? There are plenty of corporations that do just that.

Eve is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged. Those who have the stomach for taking risks will be rewarded for their success. Those with a cautious nature and a paranoid mindset will be able to measure risk and avoid scams. Those who have a open mind can find tons of things to do.

Challenge 10/10
Variety of Content 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Complexity 10/10
Overall score 9/10