Friday, December 23, 2011

Teneriffis: Split Infinity unravels

After the DRF retook their sovereignty in Detorid they began a campaign in the south assaulting Against ALL Authorities and their neighboring alliances. In addition, our alliance lead Quivering Palm lost his job. He lives in Greece. (eek) This, in addition to mounting pressure put him out of action for a time and Hallan Turrek was put in charge in his absence.

Unfortunately some key issues were not taken care of prior to QP's departure, namely roles in the holding corp. Noir. came down to assist the alliance in the end, but by that point S1. was a demoralized shadow of it's former self. I was able to assist on one op with them before I ended up in the hospital for two and a half days with a severe case of dehydration. I came back to find the orders given to pull out. Many members were getting the summer doldrums, some were apathetic due to the events of the Summer of Rage. Others were in a holding pattern until QP returned (by this time he was a week overdue).

BSCL led the charge and focused on getting player and alliance assets out of 0.0 as quickly as possible. For this they were rewarded with several new members from the smaller corporations of the alliance. I returned to KW-OAM for the last time to extract the BSCL Orca from it's hangar in the station and using wormholes scouted by Andish Libby, then CEO of GLA Armaments, convoyed with 2 other Orcas, ending up in a lowsec system in Placid.

Once everything was extracted there was some debate about the fate of the Alliance. BSCL decided it was time to move on and began putting out feelers. We had gained strength and purpose as a part of S1, but with no clear leadership and an alliance lead who needed to sort things in the real world, we felt it best to leave. Little did I know just where we'd end up.

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