Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uziel99: Noir. Academy Alumni

As I mentioned in a previous post I sent my combat pilot Uziel99 through the Noir. Academy training program. We wreaked havoc in Providence over the course of three weeks, destroying several billion in ships. While many of those who graduated have gone on to join Noir. I however did not. Unlike the others, who were gunning for a spot on the roster of the merc corp, I had a different reason for doing the academy.

I mentioned briefly the occupation of a certain station in KW-OAM that belonged to Noir. while I was in Split Infinity Alliance in Tennerifis. When things began to really fall apart Alekseyev Karrde brought Noir. down to fight for their station. What they found as far as the state of their occupying alliance no doubt did not impress them. Many things were said (many of them quite unpleasant) in mails, voice comms and private convos. Needless to say, I took things personally. This random guy I've never met comes out of the blue and begins insulting my corp and alliance mates. Not cool. So as things unravel I bide my time and do a lot more digging on this merc alliance and their leader.

I found out about Noir. Academy and waited. Finally in late November Noir. announces the next Academy class. The time had finally come. I applied and was interviewed by Nidia Masters, Alekseyev's right hand man. To my surprise they didn't seem to remember me, or if they did remember they didn't think much of it despite having been on a kill with Noir in that region of space. I was accepted fairly quickly and began training to fit new ships and modules.

After a month of action in Vale of the Silent and Providence I was told I would be graduating by Alekseyev. It was at this point I told him I would not be joining Noir., that I had come to prove a point (even if only to myself) and the graduation and it's subsequent medal was the goal all along.

So, what was the point? Why spend a month working for free at the behest of someone who intentionally or otherwise insulted you, your friends and your corp? Simple. Alekseyev insinuated that the late night crew of my alliance (which was not the dominant TZ for our corp or alliance) were essentially worthless in a fight and I proved him wrong. The same worthless miner he derided 4 months ago was being offered a spot in his mercenary pvp corp. Now that is what I call irony.

Alek will probably read this and think I still have a massive hateon for him and his corp like I did during the fall of SI. The truth is however Noir is a good bunch of people to work with. And while the flames of bitterness and rage are long dead, only the goal remained. Now that it's done it's time to move on and let this chapter take it's place among the lessons of the past.


Truen1ght said...

So what's next for you?

Unknown said...

Never really had a grudge with anyone in Split Infinity, even as things were falling apart.

Urziel worked very hard in Noir. Academy and learned; he definitely is not the undiciplined and unenthusiastic kind of pilot that typified the majoir issues of S1. near the fall of KW-

In my opinion, his progress and achievement is more to his credit than to any one else's detriment. Everyone can learn and grow, that's why we run an academy program.

Unknown said...

for some reason it lists my display name as "unknown"

Comment above by Alekseyev Karrde

Urziel99 said...

@Truen1ght: I'll be laying low for a while, making isk, training for more advanced ships to run Incursions. When I have a steady income stream backing me up and more than just some Tech 2 frigates to fly I might consider applying back to Noir.

@"Unknown"/Alekseyev Karrde: Appreciate the kind words. We'll see where the road takes us in a few months.

Pinky Feldman said...

I definitely enjoyed having you in any of the gangs I was in and would put you under the category of pilots that make the gang they're in better, something that is key to small gang PVP.

Enjoyed reading your blog and hope you keep at it. Fly safe o7.