Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Deklien: There and back again.

After some consideration, and a few months of eye-blisteringly awful isolation I have returned to the fold and rejoined my first corp; BSC Legion. All the old mates were glad to have be back and I noticed some new but familiar faces in the corp chat, including Quivering Palm, the executor of our previous alliance.

That night I set up some jump clones in various systems and bought one of the new DrakeFleet setups in VFK. An op was called with DBRB as the FC, so I went.


It's good to be back. My absence made me remember who my friends were, and retaught the lesson I thought I had learned the first time. Eve is harsh without allies.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Shevai Asan, CEO of The Night Crew and his directors for annoying the living shit out of me in their recruitment channel and reminding me just how valuable it is to have people who know you for who you are, and who don't try to glean a person's character from a comment on a blog.

Without them prodding me to a near homicidal rage I would have never had to confront the fact that people can be total bags of dicks, be somewhat justified in doing so, and to not bother dealing with them if they can't respect you for who you are.


Phuzzyphallus said...

That was beautiful - If I listened closely I could hear ever so faintly the worlds smallest violin playing softly in the distance. Fly safe.

Truen1ght said...

The killboard you linked, while not outright lying, is skewing the stats of the battle. The one you linked says your fleet wasted Nulli without a single loss.

A quick search in eve-kill tells a different story.

I realize that the battle isn't the highlight or even a major point in the post, but people do care about those sorts of things.

Urziel99 said...


The board linked was my personal results for the encounter. Nulli did jam me twice and about 10 of their battleships tried to primary me. But I have good shield skills and we had good logi.

Nulli did put a good fight. They lost my respect however when they dropped those Archons. Fortunately boat foresaw those contingencies, and was on the batphone with test who brought AlphaFleet.

In the future however I will add an Eve-Kill link as well as my personal results.

Arathian Evasion said...

Just a technical point. I'd say Shev is more of a bushel of dicks. In seriousness though. Living in a WH we have some unique security concerns so we often err on the side of caution when recruiting new members. It's not personal, and I'd prefer to think that we're wrong about you, and perhaps others that we've decided against in recruitment but it is what it is.

Take care & fly safe