Sunday, April 7, 2013

SMA and MPX: Deception, Betrayal. and Exile

On the night of October 11th 2012 Ex River the executor of the Space Monkey's Alliance issued a decree during an alliance meeting. He leveled over thirty allegations against one of it's member corporations, Multiplex Gaming. These accusations, accompanied by no hard evidence, were used as an excuse to kick the corporation from the alliance and enable Sion Kumitomo, the new head of Goonswarm's Corps Diplomatique to send the following Jabber broadcast.  From our friends in SMA:
"Multiplex Gaming has been kicked from SMA. Monkeys do not tolerate treason."

If you're keen on exploding the recently blue, GSF has has been cordially invited by a largely typo free handwritten letter (that smells only faintly of bananas and feces) to lend our considerable expertise to SMA's first ever :commissar:  

So feel free to destroy MPX guys trying to get their stuff out of their station in J7YR! Or JTAU! Or really wherever you see them, if you see them. Whichever.

*** This was a broadcast from sion_kumitomo to all-all at 2012-10-12 0

At the time I was a junior director of a sort in BSC Legion, a member of TNT. I had worked closely with the leadership of MPX on the podside podcast and knew from my own conversations with them that there was no intent to take over, or otherwise harm SMA. I sat on their mumble server consoling their line pilots as Frfrmpukin and Cyph3r, their CEO and XO, were both at work when this happened. After some arrangements were made the line pilots were allowed to join a different membercorp in SMA for the purposes of standings while evaccing assets. Only Pukin and Chyph3r were not allowed to do so.

Once the corp and it's assets were secure from Branch, I left BSC Legion as I could not stomach the fact that my friends had been so cleanly betrayed without so much as a whisper from Corps Diplo, and indeed it was them feeding the bloodlust by involving the coalition in prosecuting an accusation that was flimsy at best.

After approximately two weeks in empire consolidating assets and reimbursing line pilots for jump fuel MPX left Empire and joined Li3 Federation, the alliance of Jadecougar from the Lost in Eve podcast. Li3 lived in Querious, a member of the fledgling Honey Badger Coalition. It was seen as a way to start over, to get in on the ground floor of a growing alliance, as they had when they joined with EXPCS to help form SMA. I initially decided to join them in Querious with my alt corp, taking my various research and mining characters as one corporation. After some time however I decided to join MPX as a line pilot.

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