Sunday, April 7, 2013

Li3: New beginnings with old friends

After joining Li3 and moving to Querious MPX set out to rebuild. Some members decided to stay in SMA with other corps, others left nullsec entirely, and others were simply burned out after the previous 3 months of unremitting sov warfare in Tribute. After this the corp was purged of inactives by Frfrmpukin and we set about rebuilding. We started out with the constellation K-JO26 in Querious, basing out of the recently deployed outpost in OGY-6D.

Over time the alliance grew and acquired most of the H-6HGD constellation just above our current pocket on the map, a reward from our side campaign in Esoteria. While the majority of the HBC attacked from Stain, we inserted from Paragon Soul in the south. We used fleets of bombers and battlecruisers to attack targets of opportunity and take sovereignty in the FY6-NK constellation. We renamed the only station in the pocket in honor of the one pilot from Coven who was there to respond to our ops. It was clear he was only there to whore on structure mails, but he kept turning up at every op.

At our peak we had 1300 members in 38 corporations. MPX was getting back into the swing of things and getting used to life in the south. Then something happened that none of us were prepared for.

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