Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Banter 30: Finishing the job

With the changes in the upcoming expansion surrounding high-sec wars many people (read griefers) will complain about them. It's hilarious in a way considering their actions whether they be neutral R.R. of a ship that is at war with another corp, or the suicide ganking of a ship. Both of these actions are a direct violation of the Treaty of Yulai that created Concord in the first place.

And now they are mad that insurance isn't being paid out on those gank ships? Hello? Does your homeowners insurance pay your policy out if you burn your own house down? No, because Arson is a criminal act. So is ganking a ship you aren't in a declared war with.

Now we just need CCP to finish the job. Don't allow anyone to use the gates into a highsec system if their security status would see their destroyed in that system. Even if they are in a pod. If they jump clone into highsec and leave the station, have the sentry guns pod them. A true criminal would be shot first and questions asked later. It should be no different in New Eden.


Missing Piece said...

I think, you are missing the point to why EVE is brilliant : it is dangerous. Anywhere.

I'd suggest you to try working on mechanics which lets griefers continue to grief but allow us all fight griefers better. But using weapons, in-game politics aka standings, etc.

Locking out low-standing pilots out of high-sec, in my opinion, destroys more than it accomplishes.

Urziel99 said...

Keep in mind that your sec status has to be essentially in the toilet for Concord to shoot at you to begin with.

The Mittani has already written guides on Kugu on how to still operate (gank ice miners) in highsec with pilots that have less than -5 standings. They are only there to cause trouble. If they were in a hauler that can't be used offensively (ie a freighter) I wouldn't care, but that's not what they are doing.

People don't want to admit that sec status exists for a reason. That their actions have consequences. They just want free license to terrorize as many people as they can. Sorry folks, Eve is dangerous for you too.