Friday, September 30, 2011

The growing quiet.

I have been listening to the various Eve podcasts for quite some time now. I remember becoming engaged shortly after meeting Hallan Turrek, then a member of SI Radio, when BSCL left Geminate and joined the Split Infinity Alliance.

Being that my real life job involves driving from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas and back I had plenty of time on my hands to listen. And boy did I hit the jackpot. Lost in Eve, Eve Commune, Voices from the Void, Fly Reckless, Notalotofnews News Hour, Pod Goo, ISK.  I listened to them all. I was struck by just how large and connected Eve's community really was.

Sadly however, there has been a decline in podcasts from the community recently. Eve Commune's last podcast was on August 20th 2011. Teg Rhind from ISK has been on hiatus since July 14th. Lost in Eve, one of the premier podcasts in this group announced it was closing it's doors as well. Even PK and Angus McDecoy from Fly Reckless seem to be falling under the malaise that many in the community are feeling.

There has been much hubbub surrounding the launch of Incarna, Monoclegate and the CSM's emergency meetings in Iceland. Since then there has been a growing sense of apathy and lack of drive in many aspects of New Eden's community. It shows up greatest amongst the blogs and podcasts. These avenues serve to bring the community together, if for nothing else than to talk about Internet Spaceships.

There is some hope, however. New podcasts are appearing, the Angry Monkey Podcast, for example. And with a little luck our fellow pilots will be able to shake off this malaise of apathy, and continue their efforts.

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