Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tenal: Well, that was easy.

Last week, in what has to be some kind of record the CFC took control of the Tenal region from Raiden. , the current incarnation of Goonswarm's ancient nemesis Band of Brothers. While there was a battle initially with Raiden losing 100 battleships and 10 carriers, they disappeared afterwards, leaving their NCDot and Initiative Mercenary lackeys to poke at us from time to time. Black Legion also made a few appearances along with Against All Authorities and friends moving up from their holdings in the south.

Why -A- would deploy in Pure Blind to harass us is due to the Goons involvement in the battle for C-J. The system is a landmark in Goon history from the early days when no one in eve would have them. No friendly alliances to Red Alliance were given docking rights in that system, it was essentially a VIP system for RA alone. As part of their reward for helping destroy the Knights of the Southerncross Alliance, the Goons were the only non-RA entity to gain docking rights in C-J. This obviously was a major milestone in Goon history and the Goons have returned to C-J in the past to assist RA.

-A- however is also allied with SOLAR FLEET and by proxy another favorite Goon target, Intrepid Crossing (IRC). Apparently they weren't made aware of that caveat prior to reinforcing a Capital Ship Assembly Array POS owned by IRC. Goons caught wind of this and finished the job, fighting IRC and ironically enough an -A- Tengu fleet.

-A- and company may still attempt to assault us, and that's fine. Hope they are remapped for subsystem skills. And if they become too much of a nuisance, we can just hellcamp their staging system. Black Legion just runs when we come after them, or they are stupid enough to sit in our staging system. surprise surprise. And for all those "we want gud fites!" people. This is nullsec. There are no good fights. We will use anything and everything we have if you come to our space. You have two choices, flee or die. We prefer you choose the latter.

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Truen1ght said...

The way I heard it, -.A.- told goons about the IRC CSAAs, then tried to kill goons after the fact.

Also, the way I understand it, -.A.- didn't move to attack the north out of vengeance. They've been on a successful warpath for quite some time now, and want to keep that going for a while before returning to the south, where everyone is going to be blue to them. A) it's a great morale booster, B) it's a great recruiting tool, C) it's a great reputation booster. No one would think anything of them beating IRC down, but fighting the Goons? That's something more noteworthy.

Ally by proxy means unallied. Just because -.A.- is allied with ROL and FAIL doesn't mean ROL and FAIL are allied. We've reset each other for the express purpose of NOT needing to fly north to find PvP. A simple non-invasion pact works nicely.

And clearly, anytime anyone complains about not getting the gudfight, they are just mad they didn't win. Black Legion, in my memory, loves to play that card in local especially.