Sunday, March 4, 2012

Videos for the newbies.

As I mentioned in response to Blog Banter 33 I have begun making basic tutorial videos for the new players we have milling about aimlessly.

I've created videos for the Captain's Quarters, Station Hangar and one designed to help spot scams in the contracts system.

Feel free to like/comment on these videos or post requests for topics you'd like covered.

Upcoming topics:

Navigating in space.
The Overview
The care and feeding of Clones. (Medical Bay 101)
Ship fitting (Race Specific)
Tanking and You


Pinky Feldman said...

Very nice, its always good to see people creating more resources for new players. Especially with EVE's steep learning curve, the sooner we can get new players into expensive ships, the sooner we can gank them in them in said shiny vessel. :)

Urziel99 said...

Ok, I'll be sure to add a how to not paint a huge target on your back video.

I've seen your action in Moar Tears btw, you are getting on some pretty insane kills.